Enjoy with Vidorreta espadrilles in Spanish beaches

Enjoy with Vidorreta espadrilles in Spanish beaches

the 5 best Spanish beaches In Spain we have a very good beaches, some are the best in Europe and even the world. From Galicia to the Balearic Islands, Andalusia and Canary Islands. In all coasts of the peninsula there are beaches worthy of photo. For users of Tripadvisor, these are the 5 best Spanish beaches:

1. Ses Illetes beaches, Formentera.

It is considered the sixth best beach in the world and second in Europe. In Ses Illetas you move to the Caribbean only passing Formentera. Turquoise and crystal waters make it very popular in divers.

2. Catedrales beach, Ribadeo.

The effect of sea erosion in the rocks for thousands of years has created passageways, caves and strange shapes that make it a natural paradise. Tip: to contemplate it must be done at low tide.

3. La Concha beach, San Sebastián.

This bay is considered one of the best urban beaches in the world. Although time does not always good, just walk it and get to the "Peine del viento" by Chillida is a pleasure.

4. Bolonia beach, Tarifa.

Considered one of the last untouched beaches of the south of the Iberian Peninsula is perfect for nature lovers, the pines and the views of the strait. In Bologna are frequent gusts of wind and cold water.

5. Cofete beach, Fuerteventura.

Cofete beach is located in a natural park in the municipality of Pajara and is difficult to access. Nature and not very suitable for swimming and is very chosen by nudists.

Look with Vidorreta espadrilles for the beach

Best to enjoy these five beaches or any other, is to choose a comfortable and convenient look with fresh clothes, sunscreen and the most comfortable and fashionable footwear such as Vidorreta espadrilles. Look with Vidorreta espadrilles for the beach Look: Etam swimwear,  Vidorreta espadrilles, Towel from Oysho, Shirt from Oysho, Twenty Violets Bag, Sunnies from Asos
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