A Vidorreta espadrille for each type of leg

A Vidorreta espadrille for each type of leg

A Vidorreta for each type of leg Espadrilles are a classic footwear in summer. A few years ago, it was common to see simple and classic espadrilles. Nowadays, that simplicity is boring and too serious, so this shoe has changed and for that in Vidorreta we can find them with different heel heights, prints and designs. Espadrilles are also an more comfortable and cooler option than sandals and heels. While there is a shoe for every occasion, there is also a type of shoe for every leg. Optical effects do more or less stylized depending on the chosen shoe.

Vidorreta Calados model for thin legs

Espadrilles for thin legsIf you have thin legs you can use any type of espadrille. Also, the espadrilles fastening around the ankle are very flattering, because it give you more volume and are very  chic and elegant. If you choose espadrilles with straps or ties, you have to hold them right and also you can make different styles of knots. It can be tied at the ankle, mid-calf or knee.

Jute Vidorreta model for thick legs

Espadrilles for thick legsFor thick legs it is recommended the opposite: avoid ankle strapped shoes. The best option is to choose high heels or intermediate because it stylizes our figure. To combine espadrilles, it is recommended to use black ones with some black skinny pants because it makes you a length figure and other light colored Vidorreta to combine with skirts, shorts and dresses.

Closed jute for short legs

Espadrilles for short legsA trick to get your legs look longer is to use a shoe in the same color as the pants. If we prefer wearing skirts or shorts, it is advisable to wear shoes in a similar color to our skin tone. Of course, the better way is weararing long heel espadrilles because our legs seem longer, and also if it have a little platform will be more stylish. In general, wedge espadrilles combine perfectly with shorts, mini skirts and dresses of all types, even with jeans and ankle pants. So, just choose the favorite espadrille model of Vidorreta and achieve your desired look.
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